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Our faculty span three colleges, nine departments and one NGO.

College of Biological Sciences
Ecology and Evolution: Jonathan Eisen, Brian Gaylord, Rick Grosberg, Eric Sanford, Art Shapiro,
Jay Stachowicz, Peter Wainwright, Susan Williams

Neurobiology Physiology and Behavior: Ken Britten, Ernie Chang, Chuck Fuller, David Furlow, Tom Hahn, Andrew Ishida, Gabrielle Nevitt, Marilyn Ramenofsky, John Wingfield, Karen Zito

CNPRC: Catherine VandeVoort

College of Agriculture
Animal Sciences: Dietmer Kueltz, Kirk Klasing, Jim Millam
Atmospheric Sciences: Ian Faloona
Entomology: Walter Leal, Louie Yang

Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology:
John Eadie, Nann Fangue, Doug Kelt

Environmental Science and Policy:
Andy Sih

Environmental Toxicology:
Gary Cherr

College of Letters and Sciences

Geology: Sandra Carlson, Tessa Hill , Isabel Montanez, Ryosuke Motani, Howie Spero, Geerat Vermeij
Psychology: Brian Trainor

School of Veterinary Medicine
Dept. Population Health and Reproduction: Holly Ernest

NGO Partners
The Farallon Institute

Want to join us? Please contact Gabrielle Nevitt, ganevitt (at) ucdavis (dot) edu